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Buying the best headphones in the market – Vital points to consider

Previously, before the age of Walkman, headphones were pretty chunky and huge. In those days, headphones were made to stay at home and were much more related to personal music listening during late nights. That was the past generation but now time has changed and the latest generation has some slimmed down headphones which injects HD music directly into your ears. Many men buy sports headphones which they use during workout and such sports headphones should have some minimum features. Not all feel comfortable with headband style headphones and hence earbud headphones are also gaining momentum. Check out some headphone styles so that you can choose the best that suits your needs.


  1. Earbud headphones: Earbuds are most commonly given as freebie headphones with smartphones, portable players and they get junked due to being high performance buds that offer awesome sound quality. The earpieces rest on the outer ear or you may need to insert them into the ear canal. Pros: They’re lightweight and too compact and they also have navigation controls within the wire. They even isolate external noise and won’t interfere with your earrings, hats or glasses. Cons: Sound quality is low as compared to full-size models and might cause discomfort. More chances of tangled wire and are not fit for office environments.
  2. On ear headphones: These are the headphones which rest on top of your ear and you can get them as cheap portables to high-end home models. On-ear headphones can be of closed design which covers the ears and there are some who prefer the fully sealed ones. Pros: They are comfortable to wear, not much prone to overheating and some models can even be folded to make it portable. Cons: Noise isolation is not much effective than the full-size models and the bass is also less powerful than the full-sized ones.
  3. Full size headphones: These headphones are known as circumaural and they fully cover your ears. Due to their size and isolation, such headphones are considered to be more appropriate for homes than carrying it portably. Pros: The larger headphones offer increased potential for loudness and bass and the surround sound blocks outside noise and seals in music. Cons: The size might become an impediment to using it portably and there are some full-size models which might even heat up your ear more and they can even interfere with your glasses, earrings and hairstyles.
  4. Wireless headphones: These are the most commonly used phones as they run without any cord or wire. The most famous format for transmitting wireless music is Bluetooth but you may have to sacrifice on the sound quality due to file compression process. Pros: There are no messy cords and the price of such headphones is also falling. They can also be used as bluetooth sports headphones. Cons: The music will stop whenever the battery dies and the buttons for navigation are pretty small.

Therefore, when you’re about to buy headphones, take into account the information mentioned above and base your decisions on them.

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